Frittatina 4.50€

bucatini, minced meat and peas

Bruschette 5.00€

bread, tomato, extra virgin olive oil and oregano

Montanare 5.00€

small fried pizza, meat sauce, basil and parmesan meat sauce

Fiori di zucca 5.00€

courgette flowers stuffed with ricotta cheese, pepper

Bufala 125g 8.50€

buffalo mozzarella 125g served with dried tomatoes, artichokes in oil

Fritto napoli 10.00€

potato croquettes, fried rice balls, fried mozzarella balls, fried vegetables

Burrata 125g 9.00€

Burrata cheese 125g served with dried tomatoes, artichokes in oil

Parmigiana 9.00€€

layers of fried eggplant with meat sauce, provolone, parmesan, basil baked in the oven

Crudo e mozzarella 14.00€

Parma ham and buffalo mozzarella 125 g

Latticini 23.00€

Buffalo, burrata, smoked burrata with raw ham, capocollo, roasted artichokes and dried tomatoes


Impepata di cozze 12.00€

steamed mussels with fresh pepper

Alici ‘mbuttunate 11.00€

Breaded and fried anchovies stuffed with provolone

Polipetti affogati 11.00€

Tomato baby octopus, olives, garlic, chilli oil

Soutè di vongole e cozze 13.50€

Mussels, clams, garlic, oil, chilli, parsley, cherry tomatoes and flavored croutons

Insalata di mare 14.00€

Octopus, cuttlefish, shrimps, mussels, oil, garlic, parsley and lemon

Polpo patate e agrumi 13.00€

octopus, potatoes, lemon, orange and mint

Sfizio di mare x2 22.00€

mixed seafood appetizer
Complete menu



Pasta e patate 10.00€

Mixed pasta, potatoes, onion, celery, carrots, provolone and bacon

Spaghettoni del don 12.00€

thick spaghetti n°12, cherry tomatoes and basil

Paccheri aumma aumma 12.00€

fresh pasta, meat sauce, aubergines, provola and parmesan cheese

Scialatielli alla sorrentina 12.00€

fresh pasta, meat sauce, mozzarella, parmesan and basil

schiaffoni alla genovese 12.00€

fresh pasta, onion, pork and beef, celery and carrots

Risotto don luca 13.00€

risotto with sausage, provolone and pistachio

Scialatielli del dannato 13.50€

fresh pasta, ‘nduja (spicy spreadable salami) , onion and stracciatella cheese


Pasta fagioli e cozze 12.00€

Mixed pasta, mussels, beans, garlic, cherry tomatoes, parsley and pepper

Tagliolini alla lelluccio 13.00€

fresh pasta, cherry tomatoes, zucchini and shrimps

Spaghetti alla luciana 15.00

Tomato Olives baby octopus parsley oil garlic chilli

Spaghettoni alle vongole 16.00€

thick spaghetti n°12, garlic, oil, parsley, chilli pepper and clams

Tagliolini di geo 16.00€

fresh pasta, tartare red shrimps, buffalo mozzarella and dried orange

Risotto del sud 16.00€

Risotto with garlic, chili oil, red shrimp and pistachios

Scialatielli allo scoglio 17.00€

Scialatielli pasta with mussels, clams octopus cuttlefish shrimp tomatoes garlic oil chili pepper parsley
Complete menu


... earthfood

Salsiccia e friarielli 15.00€

Knife-pointed sausage with sautéed broccoli rabe

Scaloppina di pollo 16.00€

chicken cutlets, tomato, French fries. Choose your sauce: lemon or mushrooms or white wine

Cotoletta vestita 16.00€

breaded cutlet, rocket salad, cherry tomatoes, french fries

cotoletta vestita 13,50€

(200 gr. approx)
(breaded cutlet, rocket salad, cherry tomatoes, french fries)

Tris al ragù 18.00€

meatball, Neapolitan meat chop, sausage, served with fried bread in batter

Tagliata 25.00€

Beef, rocket and flakes

bistecca all’italiana 25,00€

grilled beef steak served with salad and french fries


Baccalà sale e pepe 16.00€

Salt and pepper cod served with endive

Fritto calamari 17.00€

fried squid with vegetables in batter

Fritto del golfo 22.00€

Cod, squid, shrimps and catch of the day

Spada alla giovaniello 22.00€

Grilled swordfish breaded with black olives, anchovies, oregano, mint, served with zucchini to scapece

Turbante di spigola al limone 22.00€

sea bass, rocket and cherry tomatoes

Tentacoli di polpo alla griglia 24.00€

Grilled octopus tentacles with cream of purple potato and tarallo
Complete menu

Side dish

Aubergines sautéed with tomato sauce and garlic 4,50 €

Zucchine alla scapece 4,50

Broccoli rabe 4,50 €

Endive 4,50

French Fries 4,50 €

Complete menu


Sorrento 11.00€

mix salad, mozzarella, corn, cherry tomatoes and olives

Caprese 12.00€

buffalo mozzarella 125 g, tomato and basil

Ischia 11.00€

mixed salad, melon, Parma ham and parmesan flakes

Positano 11.00€

mix salad, cherry tomatoes, potatoes, boiled egg boiled egg, green beans and olives

Procida 12.00€

Fillet of tuna, orange, fennel and spinach

Amalfitana 14.00€

mix salad, mussels, squid, shrimp, octopus, cherry tomato served with flatbread

Nisida 14.00€

Rocket salad, smoked salmon, smoked burrata, flavored croutons

Titina Cesar salad 14.00€

Green salad, spinach, parmesan shavings, flavored croutons, dressing, 150gr chicken cut
Complete menu


with mix whole wheat dough +3.00€

with lactose-free mozzarella +1.50€

Marinara 6,00€

tomato, oregano, garlic and basil

Donna Margherita 7,00€

tomato, mozzarella and basil

Don Ciro 8,30€

tomato, provola and pepper

Donna Nannina 8,50€

cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and basil

La preferita di Totò 8,30€

tomato, cherry tomatoes, parmigiano, pepper and basil

Napoli 8,50€

tomato, mozzarella, anchovies and basil

Donna Bettina 9,00€

tomato, provola and spicy salami

Don Ferdinando 8,80€

tomato, mozzarella, aubergines and basil

Capricciosa 10,00€

tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms, olives, artichokes, ham

Don Carluccio 9,00€

tomato, mozzarella, ham and mushrooms

Donna Ortolana 10,00€

tomato, mozzarella, seasonal vegetables

Poseidone 10,00€

tomato, mozzarella, basil, tuna, onion, cherry tomatoes

Donna Giovanna 11,00€

tomato, mozzarella di bufala and basil

Pizza a Portafoglio 8,00€

two little folded pizzas, one margherita and one marinara

Don del Sud 8,80€

tomato, tuna, olives, capers, oil EVO, basil, oregano

Donna Fabrizia 8,50€

mozzarella, weenies and french fries

Donna Lisetta 9,80€

Mozzarella, gorgonzola, emmental, parmesan

special and fanciful pizzas

Mattonella 13,00€

Square, edge stuffed with ricotta cheese, salami; heart with tomato and mozzarella

Donna Sofia 8,50€

mozzarella, cream, ham, croquettes

Donna Maria 11,00€

sausage, broccoli rabe and provola

Donna Peppa 10,50€

mozzarella, raw ham, rocket salad and parmesan shavings

Carlotta 12,00€

provola cheese, stuffed zucchini flowers, yellow tomatoes, bacon pepper and basil

Pistacchiosa 15,00€

Provola cheese, pistachio cream, mortadella, burrata cheese, pistachio granules

Nerano 10,50€

Zucchini cream, provola cheese, zucchini chips, cheese fondue

Racchetta 13,50€

mozzarella, pesto, yellow and red tomatoes, ricotta cheese, tarallo crumbles and cheese fondue

Tronchetto 12,00€

pizza dough stuffed with Provola, eggplant parmigiana, meat sauce, flakes parmesan and basil

Monachella 12,00€

Buffalo mozzarella, capocollo, roasted artichokes, slivers of provolone del monaco and basil

Violetta 14,00€

Purple mashed potatoes, provola cheese, bacon, grana cheese chips, purple crocché

Made in sud 15,00€

mozzarella, pumpkin cream, ‘nduja (spicy spreadable salami), pistachio cream, smoked burrata cheese

Tropea 10,00€

mozzarella, yellow tomatoes, bacon, red onion and basil

Tre Pomodori 10,50€

whole wheat flour, red and yellow Piennolo Cherry Tomatoes, dried tomatoes and parmesan shavings


Focaccia 4,00€

flatbread pizza with EVO oil, oregano

Don Gaetano O’ Pescatore 15,00€

cherry tomatoes, octopus, shrimps, squid and seafood

La Stracciona 14,00€

smoked salmon, stracciatella cheese and pistachio granules

Primavera 12,50€

Piennolo Cherry Tomatoes, rocket salad, burrata cheese, raw ham, parmesan shavings and oil EVO

tre pomodori 10,50€

(whole wheat flour, red and yellow Piennolo Cherry Tomatoes, dried tomatoes and parmesan shavings)

(pizza fried and then baked)

Carolina 12,00€

meat sauce, meatballs, dollops of ricotta

Genovese 12,00€

onion, pork and beef, celery and carrots

Mafaldina 15,00€

Provola cheese, mortadella, burrata, pistachio pesto and basil

Ripassata montanara 10,50€

fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella and cheese

stuffed calzoni
(fried or in the oven)

Don Antonio 11,00€

mozzarella, endive, pine nuts and raisins

Don Gennaro 11,00€

tomato, mozzarella and ham

Don Peppino 11,00€

provola, sausage and broccoli rabe

Don Renato 11,00€

pork ciccioli, ricotta cheese and pepper

Don Tano 15,00€

with whole burrata cheese (125 g), mortadella, pistachio cream, pistachio granules

Il Classico 11,00€

tomato, mozzarella, ricotta and salami

(fried pizza and then baked)

Carolina 12,00€

(Ragù, meatballs, sprigs of ricotta and basil)

ripassata alla genovese 10,50€

(onion, pork and beef, celery and carrots. Fried and baked in the oven)

Ripassata montanara 10,50€

(sauce of fresh cherry tomatoes, fiordilatte and cheese and basil)

Mafaldina 15,00€

(Provola, mortadella, burrata, pistachio pesto and basil)
Complete Menu

Frutta e Dolci


Season fruit € 5,00

fresh fruit salad € 8,00


Children's ice cream parlor e € 4,00

Ice cream shop € 6,00

Sweets and desserts of the house € 6,00

Complete menu

Beer and wine

Draught beers

Pretti 4 luppoli Originale € 3,50 - 5,50

(0,20 small - 0,40 medium)

Poretti 6 luppoli rossa € 4,50 - 6,00

(0,20 small - 0,40 medium)

Bottled beers

moretti “baffo d’oro” 33 cl 4,00€

lager - chiara - vol 4,8 %

moretti “la rossa” 33 cl 4,50€

lager - dorato - vol 0,0 %

Gluten free beer 33 cl 5,00€

lager senza gludine - paglierino - vol 5,4%

moretti originale 66 cl 7,00€

lager - chiara - vol 4,6 %

icnusa non filtrata 33 cl /50 4,00€/7,00€

lager - dorato - vol 5,0 %

Red wine

aglianico fremondo 13,00€

(cantina la guardiense)

lacryma christi doc 19,00€

(feudi di san gregorio)

urmà primitivo puglia igt 21,00€

(cantina torrevento)

Bottiglia da 0,375 cl € 8,00

(Vino DOC)

White wine

falanghina fremondo 13,00€

(cantina la guardiense)

lacryma christi doc 19,00€

"Cutizzi" DOCG
(Feudi di San Gregorio)

greco di tufo docg 21,00€

"Cutizzi" DOCG
(Feudi di San Gregorio)

Bottiglia da 0,375 cl € 8,00

(Vino DOC)

Sparkling wine

Brut 18,00€

(Casa voller)

Prosecco doc extra dry 22,00 €

Mastio della loggia
Complete menu



Acqua minerale € 1,80

(bottled in PET 0,5 lt)

Acqua minerale € 2,70

(microfiltrata 0,75 lt.)

canned drinks 33 cl 3.00€

Coca Cola/Coca Zero/Fanta/Sprite/The

glass of white or red wine 4,00€

(lattina 0,33 lt)

jug of wine 50cl 7,00€


Caffè € 1,60

Decaffeinated e barley € 1,80

Caffè “marocchino” € 2,50

cappuccino herbal tea € 3,00


Neapolitan spirits € 4,20

bitter € 4,20

Special grappas € 5,00

Complete menu

water, flour and passion...

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